A Personal Parish Established to Serve the Polish Catholic Community
in the Archdiocese of Detroit

Celebrating 100 Years of Catholic Tradition!

St. Vincent de Paul

The St. Vincent de Paul Conference here at SS. Peter and Paul Parish means responding to the human family both inside and outside the parish according to spirit of the gospels. Respecting at all times the dignity and value of all individuals as the children of God. We keep in the depth of our hearts the notion that the best way to serve God is by serving our neighbors. The following are some of the ways we seek to be of service to others:

Food Pantry

We provide bags of food to families and individuals in need in the surrounding area, primarily serving the 48228 zip code. We do this throughout the month, but do our primary service on the fourth Friday of every month between 2:00 p.m. and 3:00 p.m. at the Activities Building (7718 Westwood). We pride ourselves on not turning people away and by doing our best to meet the basic food needs of our community.

Holiday Food Program

We have turkey or hams with baskets of food that we gift to families for both Thanksgiving, Christmas and as well, baskets for kids at Easter time. A wonderful way to celebrate the true spirit of the holidays!

Resource Guidance

We assist people in need to connect with the resources they need to improve their lives and to address their needs.

Right To Life

We provide support to pro-life organization’s such as Right to Life: Lifespan and Guadalupe Partners who seek to protect the rights of the unborn and the aged as well as supporting pregnant woman to choose life for there child rather than abortion.

The more volunteers and supporters we have the more we can do! You are invited to join the St. Vincent de Paul Conference. Please call 313-846-2222 ext. 107 for more information.